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“Polonia” is the quintessence of the Kudowa spa. Its history intertwines with the past of the resort. The story of this enchanting spa house inspired Jan Koplowitz, the author of Bohemia-mein Schicksal, and the director Horst Seemann, who made TV series Hotel Polanów i jego goście [Polan Hotel and Its Guests] based on the novel.

“Polonia” enchants tourists every day anew with its special atmosphere, extending its charm onto the whole resort. Its rich history and long tradition perfectly harmonise with modernity. Contemporary “Polonia” offers comfortable rooms, sophisticated dining rooms and spacious halls. It also houses the S. Moniuszko Spa Theatre, where the major cultural events in town are held.

We recommend

Presidential Suite - a double suite with stylish decor, 90 m2: living room, kitchenette, bedroom, dressing room, and bathroom.

Banquets, celebrations, catering - we offer a broad range of services connected with organisation of banquets and celebrations. Our offer includes catering for external entities and organised entities. We provide professional restaurant services.
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