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Wielka Pieniawa

“Wielka Pieniawa” is an over 100-year-old sanatorium situated in the centre of the Spa Park in Polanica-Zdrój. The history of Wielka Pieniawa dates back to 1906. This is when architectural plans materialised into a modern Spa House with 130 rooms, internal natural treatment facility and electrical lighting. It was one of the most beautiful and best equipped spa houses of that time. From terraces and heated, glazed verandas one could admire the panoramas of the Kłodzko region. With state-of-the-art hydro- and electrotherapy installations and 60 cubicles for carbon dioxide baths and peloid baths, the facility was excellent, especially for winter therapies. During World War I the Spa House was converted to a military hospital. In 1930 a new wing with a natural treatment facility was added along with an EKG room and inhalatorium to treat the upper airways. After World War II the Spa House was changed into “Wielka Pieniawa” sanatorium. In 1948 the peloid bath division was launched almost from scratch and in further years the sanatorium was systematically provided with modern equipment and treatment installations, broadening the scope of the services offered.

The contemporary “Wielka Pieniawa” sanatorium invites their guests to comfortable rooms and suites, spacious, elegant dining rooms and a modern treatment centre. It is a synonym to luxury and elegance.

Over 90 types of therapeutic and recreational treatments are carried out in the facility, including: mineral baths, peloid baths and compresses, Dead Sea mineral treatment and alga treatments.

This architecturally exceptional facility invites you also to a modern leisure centre, Wielka Pieniawa Sunny Baths. It has the only Sunny Beach in Poland, where one can sunbathe regardless of the season and submerge in two pools with various underwater massage systems. The facility offers also the “World Climates” Sauna Zone with the “Sahara” Finnish bath, the “Tropic” steam bath and the “Arctica” snow bath.

The offers of the “Wielka Pieniawa” sanatorium are complemented by beauty parlours that offer a wide range of cosmetic and recreational services, the cosy “Romantyczna” tea shop and a snooker room. Moreover, the facility has Wi-Fi zones, where guests can surf the Internet free of charge.

We offer a wide range of services connected with organisation of banquets and parties. We also provide meals for external entities and organised groups and professional restaurant services
(direct contact tel. 74 8680 318).

Wielka Pieniawa
ul. Parkowa 4
PL 57-320 Polanica - Zdrój
  • +48 (74) 86 80 217, 86 81 447

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